GINTRONIC GraviTest 6300/6400


Made in Switzerland

With GraviTest the determination of water vapour transmission rates of polymeric films and other sheet materials by gravimetric method becomes mere child’s play.
GraviTest offers simple specimen preparation, user-friendly PC-software and the complete automation of the measuring process. This, in combination with the accurate and robust balance, allows for high-precision gravimetric measurement of water vapour permeability, with a minimum of expenditure of time on the user’s side.
GraviTest conforms to the most important international standards:
ASTM E96, ISO 2528, EN ISO 12572, EN 1931, BS 3177, DIN 53122 (Part1) and others.
The results of the measurement will be represented in a chart and stored by the PC software.


The determination of water vapour transmission rates of polymeric films, other sheet materials, concrete, stucco, wood, house wrap, other building products, woven, nonwoven, and coated textiles, tapes, hygienic, barrier,and medical material by gravimetric method. Also the measurement of blisters packs, other small packages and package material is possible.
For other possible applications, please ask you local distributor or the GINTRONIC AG Application lab.