GINTRONIC Easyperm 650


Made in Switzerland

Economical and easy to use Water Vapour Permeability Tester using Dynamic Relative Humidity Measurement. The complete automatisation of the measuring process prevents any influence of the user to the result. GINTRONIC Easyperm 650 is perfect for process and quality control.
No carriergas required.


Quick and easy determination of water vapour transmission rates of polymeric films and other sheet materials by using Dynamic Relative Humidity Measurement.

Technical Data:

Conforms to ASTM E398-03 and ISO 15106-1
Sample surface: 50cm2;
Measuring range: 0.03-10'000 g/(m2 *d)
microprocessor controlled;
integrated Touchscreen display, shows actual operating conditions;
in the measuring chamber integrated temperature and humidity sensor with direct digital signal;
automatic control of the flow of dry air dependent on permeability of the sample;
Windows® based PC- Software:
-storage of calibration data;
-re-calibration unnecessary with method change;
-storage of measuring data;
-method and sample definition;