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GraviTest 9000 Serie

With GINTRONIC GraviTest 9000 - Series, GINTRONIC AG has taken the gravimetric determination of the water vapour transmission rate of polymeric films and other sheet materials to the next level. GraviTest offers simple specimen preparation, user-friendly GraviCommander Pc software and the complete automation of the measuring process. This, in combination with the accurate and robust balance, allows for high precision gravimetric measurement of water vapour permeability, with a minimum of expenditure of time on the user’s side, the gravimetric method becomes mere child’s play. Through the Windows® based PC software, all measurement parameters of the samples, such as temperature, relative humidity of the air, air speed as well as the weighing interval, are predefined and then adjusted automatically by the instrument after the start up of the measuring process. As soon as the measuring conditions correspond to the specified tolerances the specimen holders can be inserted into GraviTest and the measuring process can be started. Re-sealable specimen holders with an integrated seal and wax sealing are available and can be used without any modifications on the instrument. Assembling the samples into the 6 specimen holders takes a matter of minutes. The flexibility of the system has nearly no boundaries. Wet cup, dry cup or multi-layer processes can be carried out trouble-free, at different climate conditions and air speeds, without any modifications.


  • Polymeric film
  • Sheet material
  • House wrap
  • Building products
  • Insulation
  • Nonwoven
  • Textiles
  • Hygenic
  • Blister packs
  • Inverted cup (ASTM E96BW)
  • and many others


With a maximum load of 250g @0,01mg resolution and 320g or 420g @ 0,1mg resolution GINTRONIC AG uses high capacity balances. This means for the user no surprises due to overload of the balance.
The results of the measurement and the corresponding atmospheric pressure will be represented in a chart and stored by the Pc software. Thus, each measurement result, together with the parameters of each individual sample are always retrievable and comprehensible.The following errors can thereby be excluded: missmeasurement caused by erroneous reading off of the scales, incorrect record of the measurement results, and missing of the weighing interval. The software is able to export all data easily to Excel®. The software comes complete with multiple Excel® modules. These modules are used for various standards when the results are reported in different values such as perms, permeability, permeability coefficient or a SD-value.
Due to the wide humidity range also the determination of the SDvalue curve of SD-value-variable membranes at multiple points is easily possible.
The measuring chamber is heated from the outside if required. This prevents condensation at high temperature and humidity and protects the instrument, also at in case of short power failures. This technique was introduced by GINTRONIC already in 2012.
GINTRONIC offers 30 and 50cm2 inverted cups for ASTM E96BW.
Several international standards (e.g. EN 1931and ASTM E96) specify that the sealing of the materials to the measuring cups has to be done by wax. Also, there are several materials which can only be tightened by wax sealing. GINTRONIC has for this an optional user-friendly wax sealing system. The system can be extended up to 50 mm sample thickness, by using the GINTRONIC distance rings for wax cups.
The 50mm version of GINTRONIC GraviTest can test samples with a thickness up to 50mm. The use of a special distance sensor makes sure that the samples are exposed to the correct air velocity depending on their thickness. A maximum flexible wax kit up to 50mm with GINTRONIC distance rings is available, which makes also the preparation of thick samples user friendly and practicable.
Changeable tray
All GINTRONIC GraviTest are equipped with our changeable tray technology. This allows the adaption of the instrument to various sample holders, like sorption, 28,3 and 30 cm2 cups and blister holders (ASTM 7709-12 / USP 671). For this GINTRONIC offers a wide range of kits, to adapt the instrument perfectly to the needs of the customer and to the different standards. Customised kits possible.
With the optional GINTRONIC MultiCommander technology it is possible to define up to 4 sample groups which can be measured independently in terms of time. This reduces no-load running to a minimum and offers maximum flexibility and maximum sample throughput to the customer.
With a width of 52cm the instrument design was kept intentionally compact providing a capacity of up to 12 sample places 50cm2 and up to 15 sample places 28,3/30cm2 using the GINTRONIC Slimline technology. This safes valuable space in the laboratory.
GINTRONIC GraviTest fully complies with ASTM D7709-12 and USP 671. GINTRONIC provides a set of special sample holders for blisters and small containers. Up to 13 sample holders are possible.
With the stainless steel cup kit you can measure the WVTR using corrosive salt solutions. This is very important the the determination of special points of the SD-value curve of SD-value-variable membranes.
In the new development of the GraviTest 9000 series, following the successful predecessor model 6300, even more emphasis was placed on maximum flexibility. Thus, it is possible to change the specimen grips in the simplest way, if required. This allows the use of different sample holders such as standard holders with 28.3 or 30 cm², blister holders or sorbent cups. Customized specimen holders are also possible, we will be happy to check your requirements. The instrument design has been deliberately kept compact with a width of only 52cm to save valuable laboratory space. The saturator is integrated in the instrument and does not require any additional space on the bench. Condensation is prevented by the actively heated measuring chamber housing. The transparent front with illuminated measuring chamber also allows visual monitoring. The measuring capacity with 50cm² standard cups was increased from 6 to 9 samples.
The sophisticated basic concept of the device offers scope for customer-specific adaptations. Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

GINTRONIC GraviTest 9300
Made in Switzerland

GINTRONIC GraviTest 9400
Made in Switzerland

GINTRONIC GraviTest 9400-5o
Made in Switzerland

GINTRONIC GraviTest 9250
Made in Switzerland

GINTRONIC GraviTest 9312
Made in Switzerland

GINTRONIC EasyPerm 650
Made in Switzerland

GINTRONIC GraviTest 9250-50
Made in Switzerland

Made in Switzerland

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