Made in Switzerland

The JIS L1099 B1 + B2 is one of the most common standards for measuring the Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR / Breathability) of fabrics and textiles, especially for the outdoor market. GINTRONIC IDC-6 is offering for this a state of the art tester, with automatic temperature control of the waterbath AND the ambient temperature. With the IDC-6 you can measure 6 samples at the same time.
The GINTRONIC IDC-6 also conforms to ISO 15496.


For the determination of the moisture vapour transmission rates of fabrics, foils, films and other sheet materials based on the gravimetric inverted drycup method.
Conforms to JIS L1099 B1 + B2 and ISO 15496.
For running a test no external oven or temperated room is required.